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Berlin Porcelain Marks

A fine KPM Berlin porcelain chocolate cup, cover and stand, circa The shaped and highly gilded cup, with moulded scroll panels containing hand painted sprays of flowers. The stand and cover similarly decorated, and having a scroll finial, to the cover. Printed factory and Sceptre marks to both the cup and Stand. He stands three quarter length, wearing gilt armour, bearing Royal Insigna, and symbols of State.

Wegely was also granted a building for his manufacture. First Wegely’s products were marked W. In King of Prussia Frederick II the Great withdrew his.

You will find more info at this link. It is worth noting that many of the websites below have in depth histories, patterns and other valuable information in addition to the marking. These websites will open in their own window or tab. When you are done researching another site, you may just close their window or tab and still be able to explore more of the links here. Belleek marks can be found at Online Belleek Guide , also a wealth of information Site is down.

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Franciscan marks and other important information has been presented on the web site of Franciscan Ceramics Archive.

Porcelain and pottery marks – KPM Berlin marks

Condition: Overall: Overall good condition. General light marks and scratches commensurate with age.

Allegorical porcelain figural group with KPM blue mark underneath, depicting what appears to be an illegible signature in pencil and the date March,

Thanks to its royal patronage, KPM had the resources and contacts necessary to establish itself as a leading luxury producer, and supplied Russian and European elites with tableware in the Rococo and Neoclassical styles, as well as monumental vases, and decorative plaques. Unlike Meissen, which was known for crafting porcelain sculptures of dazzling complexity, KPM is revered for the precision and splendor of its surface decoration, and for its porcelain plaques depicting scenes from history and mythology.

One especially lovely example circa is a neocalssical-style tea service decorated with gold accents and a grisaille design of figures from the ancient world. The set was commissioned by a gentleman for his wife as a tongue-in-cheek gift commemorating her misadventures while in town for a visit to the opera, which resulted in her opera glasses being stolen.

The saucer shows the thief and the glasses, and the cup reveals the scene of the crime in vivid hues. KPM was forced to move from its original location in due to the building of the new Prussian Parliament building, and this afforded the company the opportunity to to create a new factory with the newest equipment and materials of the day.

With the growing popularity of Art Nouveau and the western fascination with Asian ceramics, KPM began formulating glazes that evoked the color palette and rich surfaces of Chinese porcelain. By the turn of the century, KPM was exhibiting its wares to a global audience at international expositions. In the s, KPM became an private company independent of the state, and began to focus production on the preservation of historic forms, designs, and techniques.

KPM continues to collaborate with designers from all over the world, most recently on the Berlin dinnerware service with designer Enzo Mari, and a collaboration with the luxury brands Bottega Veneta and Bugatti. Berlin K. Rectangular Plaque, Marked and Signed.

Dating kpm marks

It was the first porcelain manufacturer in Europe. Originally in Dresden it was moved to the Castle of Albrechtsburg in Meissen, in where it was felt that the secret of porcelain making could be better protected. On the 7th of April the Leipziger Post Zeitungen announced that Meissen wares would carry a mark to guard against forgeries.

Forgeries had started to appear and was mostly minor, damaged pieces that had been rejected by Meissen had been salvaged and decorated by home painters haus malers. The markings was initially drawn or painted, but were soon fired in underglaze blue. Meissener Porzellan-Manufaktur , and K.

Royal Worcester Marks & Dating Worcester Porcelain Meissen porcelain started in Dresden, Germany in , by Johann Friedrich Bottger, under the.

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Dating wedgwood china marks

The company logo is a cobalt blue sceptre, which is stamped painted prior to on every piece. All painted pieces produced by KPM are signed by the painter. KPM is still producing to this day; each piece of dishware and decorative porcelain is entirely unique. A Berlin K. Royer Eno, impressed scepter above K. M, within a gilt frame.

Namk’in ware,- date un ce’rtvlin Unamo. A uim’ilar mark is dated KPM. |​. I;. 1 SAVONA maj. 1′. L 5 p color p blue p color. [1 blno. ’18—. —.

American English. French German. Rest of World By Material. Bisque Celluloid. Hard Plastic. Metal Papier Mache. Rubber Wax Wood. Advertising Dolls. Antique Lady Dolls. Automata Dolls.

Look For Your Mark

German china has been desired by collectors for nearly three centuries. While it can take a lifetime to learn about china made in Germany, beginning with the basics will help you understand how to recognize and evaluate individual pieces. First of all, the terms china and porcelain are used interchangeably. The ceramic’s formula was a closely guarded secret for more than years, and only Chinese workshops produced and exported it.

In , Johann Friedrich Bottger , a German alchemist, stumbled across the secret for making hard paste porcelain.

Identify a mark by shape. Marks with letters are listed in alphabetical order. Some marks look like a circle, square, bird or animal shape, etc.

At its manufactory in Berlin-Tiergarten, KPM produces porcelain of the highest quality using a time-honoured process passed down through the generations. Before each piece is stamped with the cobalt-blue sceptre, it goes through many stages and strict quality controls, ensuring every item is a masterpiece. KPM porcelain is almost exclusively produced by hand. The manual production process and complex decoration techniques give each piece a truly unique character.

The porcelain manufacturing process is complex and demands a wealth of experience and patience. The porcelain paste is roughly composed of one half kaolin china clay , one quarter feldspar and one quarter quartz. It is the purity of these materials that guarantees the quality of the final product. The exact formula — the arcanum — is still a well-kept secret.

Quartz in combination with other materials provides the porcelain with its strength and stability.

File:KPM Porcelain

Fleischhauer in Stuttgart 27th October or 26th October A very rare and extremely beautiful mid nineteenth century K. Schade and stamped K. This extremely beautiful and unusually large porcelain plaque was executed by Eduard Schade, a mid nineteenth century German porcelain painter of unique talent. Schade gained renown for his ability to paint such works of the greatest clarity and subtlety and sometimes as here on porcelain plaques of unusually large size.

The Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin (German: Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin, abbreviated as KPM), was founded in

By , the same letters were beginning to be used by the Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Berlin. There have been fakes and look-alike marks almost since the start of original production. Buyers interested in KPM face two problems: 1—separating forgeries and look-alike marks on genuinely old porcelain made at other factories and; 2—new porcelain with deliberately confusing fantasy marks which imitate original vintage marks. In addition to the familiar letters KPM, authentic marks of Konigliche Porzellan Manufacktur also include one of three other symbols: an eagle, a scepter or an orb with a cross.

A scepter almost always appears with the eagle and orb marks but may also appear with the letters KPM only. Colors vary but are usually red, brown or blue.


Very close inspection is required due to the sometimes faint dating of the mark. Plaque Latest Updates Forum Patterns. Your guide to antique porzellan marks, plate marks and china marks. In the glassware of the best dating, exclusive tea has been created over the patterns, which has written design plate. Figurines KPM is privately owned and the manufactory develops not only the fake classics but also innovative design patterns such as the coffee-to-go patterns in the legendary Kurland design.

Red KPM decorating mark next to the blue underglaze KPM scepter and the cup has an additional red overglaze mark with a crown and date for the Royal.

For your consideration is a beautiful an authentic KPM Porcelain decorative basket. It measure 4″ It is in great antique condition, free of cracks or chips, but loss of gold on the edges, as shown on the last two photos. We always take plenty of photos and provide detailed descriptions of our items. Therefore, you are asked to please check ALL posted photos and review the Description Section before purchasing an item from our store.

Before listing, we clean and inspect our items for neatness and accuracy.

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